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Rajgir in Bihar - Rajgir Travel Guide

Rajgir Travel Guide: Located 15 kms from Nalanda, is intrinsically connected to Lord Buddha. Apart from spending numerous years here in Rajgir, he delivered sermons here to all and sundry outlining His salvation from the insidious circle of life. Even emperor Bimbisar was proselytized at the Griddhakoota hill who granted Him Venuvan Vihar for his residence. After he was injured by his cousin, the lord was treated by the royal physician Jivak. All his teachings were first collated at Rajgir that was also the venue for the first Buddhist Council. The innumerable monasteries and temples vouch for the place’s religious value. But don’t stop here. Dip in the rejuvenating warm water ponds, said to have medicinal properties to cure the skin of many diseases.

Places To Visit in Rajgir

Jarashand ka Akhara

Bhima and Jarasandh are said to have fought one of the most famous battles in the epic Mahabharat.

Jivakameavan Gardens

This houses the seat of Bimbisara’s Royal Physician’s dispensary where even Lord Buddha was brought to have his wound dressed by Jivaka, the royal physician.

Ajatshatru Fort

The king of Magadha’s legacy that he built during the Buddha’s time along with his Stupa.

Cyclopean Wall

Built of huge undressed stones fitted together impeccably, the 40 Km long wall is one of the few important Pre-Maurayan stone structures. Traces of the enormous structure still exist.


Built by the Japanese followers, the Vishwa Shanti Stupa is built in marble and on the four corners of the stupa are four glimmering statues of Buddha. As it’s located on a 400 meter high hill- GriddhKoot, one has to ride the “Ropeways”, to reach the top of this hill.

Venu Vana

Built by king Bimbisara for Lord Buddha to reside, this happened to be his first offering.

Karanda Tank

Buddha used to bathe here.

Sonbhandar Caves

Hollowed out of a single massive rock, it has a doorway believed to lead to king Bimbisara’s Treasury. Clues to open it are in the form of inscriptions in the Sankhlipi or shell script, as yet undeciphered, etched into wall. The treasure is reportedly still intact.

Bimbisara’s jail

King Bimbisara’s son and heir, Ajatashatru, imprisoned him at this spot from where he could see Lord Buddha climbing up to his mountain retreat atop the Griddhakuta hill.

Jain Temples

Far in the distances on hill crests around Rajgir, one can see about 26 Jain Temples. They also make for interesting trekking destinations.

Chariot Route Marks

Two parallel furrows are cut deep into rock for about thirty feet leading to the belief that they were “burnt” into the rock by the Lord Krishna’s chariot during Mahabharata times. Several undeciphered shell inscriptions, are engraved in the rock around the chariot marks.

Hot Springs

Separate bathing places have been organized for men and women at the Hot Springs, and the water comes through spouts from Saptdhara, the seven streams, the hottest the Brahmakund.


This place was the origin of Lord Buddha’s second wheel of law – for three months even during the rainy season, he preached many inspiring sermons to his disciples. The Japanese disciples have constructed a massive modern stupa, the Shanti Stupa (Peace Pagoda), here.

How to Reach Rajgir

Air: The nearest airport is at Patna 101 kms.
Rail: Though Rajgir itself has a railway station yet the nearest convenient railhead is at Gaya 78 kms.
Road: Rajgir is connected by road to Patna and other nearby cities.

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