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Phewa Lake Pokhara in Nepal - Pokhara Travel Guide

Pokhara Travel Guide: Pokhara is taken to mean no more than the gateway for the trekkers to the Himalayas as the starting point for treks to Jomsom and the Annapurna group. Lake Phewa, replete with lakeside hotels, restaurants and shops, is indeed ideal for any seekers after relaxation after a day of excursions.

But as the third largest town in Nepal, it offers much more. A student of human activities would find here an incredible glimpse of Hinduism at its violent best-where animal sacrifices run rampant. The natural glories also abound and can even be sampled in the museum.

Places To Visit in Pokhara

Annapurna Regional Museum

Located within the Prithvi Narayan University it is a natural history museum devoted to the region. Its comprehensive butterfly collection is a fascinating highlight.

Bindya Basini Temple

Standing on a pleasing green hillside it is the site of gory sacrifices. The principal shrine of goddess Bhagwati is propitiated by numerous sacrifices by the thousands thronging the temple.


Located on the east of Lake Phewa, it is meant for tourists as seen by its hotels, guest houses, restaurants and shops selling souvenirs and trekking gear. Rock music of all countries blares from restaurants that serve apfelstrudel, pizza and other exotic foods. It is picturesque, and the relaxed, easy-going atmosphere allows you to let5 your hair down.

Pokhara Museum

It has a chiefly ethnographical collection focuses on the region’s various ethnic groups. Samples of jewelry, musical instruments, clothing and customs along with brief descriptions of the differing cultures are displayed.

How to Reach Pokhara

It is connected by roads to other cities.

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