Mandawa Travel Guide

Mandawa Travel Guide

Once this was the place to be- the city where India’s rich and famous merchants lived. Loaded with money as their wares-laden caravan crisscrossed the entire Asia and beyond, they set the living styles. Even after their families dispersed later to various parts of India due to exigencies of trade, their houses or havelis continue to inspire awe. For apart from being witness to benumbing luxuriant life styles, they serve as exquisite chronicler of those life and times.

Place To Visit in Mandawa

Mandawa fort

Mandawa fort offers every traveler what they look for – a sense of exploration and discovery at every turn. Revel in the munificent views of the town below from the battlements. Run into a whimsical peacock weather van. An arched window overlooks the verdant garden where can b e found -if you are lucky – dancing peacocks. Moreover, you will find no two rooms similar in the palace here. In the zenana or women’s quarters, one room offers antique murals, another has a marble fountain. The turret room has seven feet thick walls .Its easily explained if we remember that marauding bandits once roamed freely here combined with the endless wealth of the merchants here.

Binsidhar Newatia Haveli

The Binsidhar Newatia Haveli gives a glimpse of keeping up with Joneses by the merchants in the form of some curious paintings on its outer eastern wall. Typically European scenes like a boy using a telephone, and a European woman in a car driven by a chauffeur are portrayed here

On the other hand, the Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli hides some defaced erotic images.

This fantastic Railway Loop is a magnificent feat of engineering. It becomes apparent as you watch the toy train winding its way round the loop. It also affords a wondrous view of snowy peak and town.

Unique Shopping in Mandawa

  • Always insist on a bill for purchases made
  • Purchase from reputed or recognized shops.
  • Ensure RST/ CST registration numbers in a corner on the bill sheet.
  • Payments made by credit cards must have the amount mentioned in words and numerical too.
  • Always double-check the goods in the parcel before leaving the shop or allowing it to be packed for dispatch.
  • Ensure payment by credit cards is made only once for each bill.
  • Wrongly made out bills must be destroyed there and then to avoid double payment to the shopkeeper.

How to Reach there

BY AIR – Jaipur is the nearest airport and is connected to other cities in the country.
BY RAIL – Jhunjhunu is the nearest convenient railhead and one can take trains for Sikar, Jaipur, and Delhi from Jhunjhunu.
BY ROAD – Mandawa is well connected with other places in the region by private as well as government buses.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Take autorikshaws from pre paid kiosk wherever available.
  • Otherwise settle the amount before embarking on the journey.
  • Hire taxis from approved Travel Agency, RTDC or through Govt. Tourist Reception Centres.

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