Lumbini Travel Guide

Raclining Buddha, Lumbini, Nepal - Lumbini Travel Guide

Lumbini Travel Guide: Lumbini, a town in the Tarai, will always conti8nue to attract millions. For though being situated well off the tourist track, and with few relics and monuments, it remains famous as the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama -Lord Buddha. Here was born the man who found a Middle path out of sorrow and away from conflict in inner and outer life. Any Buddhist will always place Lumbini on the list pf “Must See”. But the place, remarkable only for its tranquility, undisturbed by major celebrations it’s as much a lesson for all.

Places to visit in Lumbini

Ashoka’s Column

Ashoka’s Column is the oldest historical monument in Nepal. Other similar columns erected by Ashoka served not only as a commemorative monument but also stood to demarcate his kingdom. Moreover the pillars shed invaluable light on the society, economy and polity in Mauryan times.

Maya Devi Mandir

Although this temple has been temporarily dismantled, it is dedicated to Buddha’s mother, and is more than 2000 years old. An ancient stone relief here from the 2nd C depicts Buddha’s birth. : Maya Devi is shown reaching out with her hand towards a branch while Lord Brahma welcomes the newborn Buddha.

Water Tank

Queen Maya Devi is supposed to have bathed in the large water tank when her labor started and Buddha to have washed in it after he was born.

How to Reach Lumbini

Being in Nepal, only flights and roads are used to reach here.

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