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Bara Imambara, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh - Lucknow Travel Guide

Lucknow Travel Guide: Lucknow will always be remembered for its nawabs-where the nawabi culture of adabs and courtesies were turned into a fine art. Even after witnessing rapid modernization, you would hardly find any big city culture here. Even the rickshaw pullers would always address you as the family here. The warmth, the hospitality and the formality of the city shines through. As everyone goes out of the way to show concern –the heart begins to melt.

Bow your head in disbelief at the Bara-imambara. Lose yourself in the bhulbhulaiya’s maze. Stare in wonder at the Jama Masjid. And after you’re through, shop for some exquisite chikankari and meena Kari work. Remember the kebabs and other delicacies are around the corner.

Places to visit in Lucknow

Bara Imambara

Built by the fourth Nawab of Awadh – Asaf-ud-Daula, it is one of the most famous monuments of this place. The Imambara remains an important place of worship for the Muslims and is used for celebrating Muharram. Its style of construction is unique. Containing largest arched hall in the world as the central hall, the blocks have been put together with interlocking system of bricks without using of girders and beams and without for affording a clear view. It also comprises an incredible maze called Bhulbhulaiya where great treasures are reportedly hidden in its secret tunnels. Glimpse the entire city from the top.

Rumi Darwaza or the Turkish Gate

Constructed in 1784 by Nawab Asaf-ud-daula, it is supposed to be identical in design to a similar gateway in ancient Constantinople. Reaching a staggering 60 feet, the uppermost part contains an octagonal Chhatri (Umbrella) carved beautifully. The beautifully carved flowers and designs still manage to captivate.

British Residency

Now in ruins and a protected monument, it served as a refuge for the British during the 1857 revolt. The graves of around 2000 British soldiers still remain. Apart from serving as a government office, it also has a well-maintained museum.

Shah Najaf Imambara

Gazi-ud-Din’s most outstanding building is a structure with a large dome and is in excellent condition even today.

Juma Masjid

Built entirely with yellow sandstone in 1423, it is known for the intricate style of design and architecture. The Jama Masjid of Lucknow is still considered to be one of the most beautiful mosques of India. Combining the finest in Hindu and Muslim architecture, it has 260 pillars that support 15 arched domes at different levels. While the domes are intricately designed and ornamented, the pillars have carvings from Hindu and Jain temples.

Qaiser Baugh Palace

Wajid Ali Shah’s single contribution to Lucknow that he wanted to be pronounced as the eighth wonder of the world!

Unique Shopping in Lucknow

While Lucknow is synonymous with chikankari (shadow work) and zardosi (silver and gold embroidery), it has much to offer. Don’t forget to carry home saris, Kurtas or dupatta .Shop for gold and silver ornaments with exquisite filigree (metal ornamentation) and jadau (gem studded) at Gadbadjhala where you can check out jewellery, especially the huge jhumkas. The main shopping areas are Hazratganj, Janpath, Aminabad, Yayaganj, Kapoorthala and the Chowk. For souvenirs, the best bet is Gangotri, the official handicrafts shop of the UP State Tourism Department.

Eating out in Lucknow

The city is famous for its local cuisines like kebabs and biryanis but also offers a delightful palette to suit your tastes. From the posh looking star grade restaurants to fast food giants, the city seems to have all. Apart from that, the street-food culture of Lucknow has fewer parallels in Asia. Kakori Kabobs at the Oudhyana, Taj Residency, and the Ghazal soaked yummy evening at Falaknuma in Clarks Awadh or the delights at Pavilion at Park Inn are at the upper end. But savor the real taste of Lucknow right on the streets with exotic Idris Biryani Wala at Patanala Chowk, Rahim Kulcha-Nihari eatery at Chowk; Tunda Kabobs at Akbari .Other pocket friendly eateries like Naushejaan, Sakhawat, Daal mein Kaala, Dasterkhwan are among the best in India but also in whole of South Asia.

How to Reach Lucknow

Amausi Airport in Lucknow is connected with Delhi, Patna, Calcutta, Bombay and Varanasi by direct flights. A major railway junction, Lucknow is conveniently connected to many cities. It is connected also by road with all the major cities of the country.

Do’s and Don’t’s

  • It is quite a closed society therefore you are advised not to dress in clothes that are too revealing and too scanty.
  • Eat food that you buy yourself.
  • Don’t stay with or be coaxed into staying with people you meet at Railway platforms, Bus stands or shopping areas.
  • Don’t think you are getting a bargain if a free ride is given by any transporters to a hotel, check with tourist information office first.
  • Don’t allow any one into your room for a drink and snacks or just a chat unless the person is really well known to you.

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