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Victoria Memorial, Kolkata, West Bengal - Kolkata Travel Guide

Kolkata Travel Guide: Long after Kolkatta had ceded its political supremacy, it retained its title of the cultural capital of the nation. The partition of the country had ensnared the city in multiple problems of snail pace traffic, an absence of work culture and generally a 24×7 stupor. The city is in the process of unshackling itself and you can see the signs of the rejuvenation everywhere. Information technology complexes, Bio technology complexes, glittering malls and heady infrastructure projects meant to reduce the city’s travails are ubiquitous.

Yet, Kolkatta has remained the place where cultural renaissance began – a city that still breathes culture in its famed addas, tea shops , bus-stops and even the new fangled malls that still have people talking about the latest cultural phenomenon. You can journey into the heart of the city of joy – traveling through countless shops, jostling through crowds, experiencing the tram, and marveling at the x -factor that makes it the city of joy.

Places to visit in Kolkata

British Legacy: The Victoria Memorial

Standing adjacent to the Maidan, it is the neo classical Western attempt at building the Taj Mahal. The failed attempt was opened on 1921. There are enormous oil paintings in the Royal Gallery, illustrating episodes from Queen Victoria’s long, eventful life and reign – an impressive collection of the British colonial period.

Writer’s Building

On the north side of the square, dates from 1880 represents Gothic-style architecture and is now the administrative office of the ruling Marxist Government.

General Post Office

With its majestic dome and Corinthian columns is another masterpiece of colonial legacy.

Fort William

Situated on the bank of river Hooghly and named after King William III. the fort occupies five square kilometers and has six gates. The Arsenal inside is worth visiting.

Cultural Attractions :Academy of fine Arts

Established in 1933 the latest and arguably the greatest works of contemporary artists are exhibited here throughout the year. Other vibrant and cutting edge Group theatres and dance programs take place everyday at the hall inside.

Rabindra gallery Solely dedicated to the greatest cultural son of Bengal, the Rabindra gallery exhibits manuscripts, paintings and personal belongings of Tagore.

Birla Planetarium

One of the largest Planetarium in Asia, it gives a ringside view of the astral play of celestial bodies. The internal diameter of the tomb measures 82 feet and you can recline to get the finest views.

Religious Dakshineswar Temple

On the bank of the Ganges near Bally bridge, it comprises a temple of goddess Kali & 12 temples of God Shiva. Full of memories of saint Ramakrishna and Sarada Debi.

Belur Math

Head quarter of Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, founded by Swami Vivekananda, it’s an architectural amalgam of the church-mosque-temple, signifying the message of universal brotherhood.

Kalighat Kali Temple

Famous Hindu pilgrimage situated at Kalighat beside Tolly’s Nullah, it contains some high quality sculpture.

Botanical Garden, Shibpur

The, botanical garden was founded in 1786 on the bank of river Hooghly. Located on 270 acre, it has around 50,000 different kinds of plants, trees, herbs. The oldest banyan tree is 250 years old.

Unique Shopping in Kolkata

Well known markets are New Market, Gariahat market and Bara Bazaar to the north. Modern malls have sprung up everywhere.

How to Reach Kolkata:

By Air – Most of the domestic airlines have direct services to and from Kolkata to other important cities of India .
By Rail – Super-fast trains such as Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express provide easy and convenient access and stop at Howrah and Sealdah -its major junctions.
By Road – Kolkata is connected to all the nearby places by road.

Do’s and Don’t’s

  • Beware of pickpockets, touts.
  • Always travel in taxis and autos by the meter. Never accept lifts.
  • Don’t get friendly with locals.
  • The majority of Indians remove their footwear when entering their houses. Because of strict religious and social customs, visitors must show particular respect when visiting someone’s home.
  • Many Hindus are vegetarian.
  • Many especially women, do not drink alcohol.
  • Sikhs and Parsis do not smoke.
  • Small gifts are acceptable as tokens of gratitude for hospitality.
  • Women are expected to dress modestly.

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