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Hampi Hospet, Karnataka - Hospet travel Guide

Hospet Travel Guide: Located at a distance of 325 kilometers from Bangalore, the tiny but picturesque town of Hospet, mostly basks in reflected glory. For, it has little to offer by itself, apart from the sundry forts. However, it stands in close proximity to the ruins of Hampi -the famous site of the great Vijayanagar kingdom today, and a World Heritage Site. Travel on from here to one of the most wondrous sites of Indian efflorescence in the medieval times.

Places to visit Hospet


The hill and fort town of Chitradurga nearby is a must see for the tourists. Popularly known as Kallina Kote or the Place of Stones, the rocky hills and picturesque valleys with huge towering boulders offer splendor of nature at its finest. The famous fort was built by the Palegars, Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. Lying enclosed in series of seven walls with as many as nineteen gateways, it is known for its military architecture. The fort walls hide inside several ancient temples like the Sampige Siddeshwara temple, the cave shrine of Hidimbeshwara, Ekanathamma, Phalguneshwara, Gopalakrishan, Anjaneya, and Subbaraya et al, . The Hidimbeshwara is the oldest and has a two-storied building and boasts of a unique swing arch and tall lamp-pillar

Harihara has several thousand devotees coming to dip in the Tungabhadra River to relieve themselves of their sins. The Himavat Keday-a waterfall -is a pulsating picnic spot amidst the cool surroundings. The marvelous Murugharajendra Matha and the amazing Ankli Matha are the other two places.

The major tourist attractions at Nayakana Hatti are the temple and tomb of saint Tippe Rudraswamy. Being just thirteen kilometers away from the World Heritage Site of Hampi, Hospet acts as a base for the tourists to the Vijayanagar ruins -a World Heritage Center in Hampi. Check out the King’s Balance where the kings were weighed against grain, gold or money to be dispersed amongst the poor. The majestic Queen’s Bath is a swimming pool that is fifty feet long and six feet deep. It is replete with lotus -shaped fountains that once sprinkled perfumed water. The arched corridors and projected balconies of the gloriously spectacular Lotus Mahal is another attraction. The ruins of the Virupaksha, Vittala, Ramachandra and Hazara Rama temples, images of Ganesha and Narasimha, the Ugra Narasimha, the 6.7 m tall monolith, the elephant stables are inimitable delights. People still worship the Virupaksha temple and lamps are lit on festivals.

How to Reach Hospet

The nearest airport is situated at Bellary about 75 km and the nearest rail head is 13 Kms away. Hospet is linked to Bangalore, Bijapur, Hubli and Guntakal by rail. Hampi is 350 Kms from Bangalore by road.

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