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The majestic State Lagislature Building, Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore - Bengaluru Travel Guide

Bengaluru Travel Guide: The capital of Karnataka is India’s first experiment with the future. As the ‘Silicon Valley’ of the east rushes to catch up with the advanced cities of the west, it brings in its wake multitudes of issues that no other city in India grapples with. The rise of India’s InfoTech power is giving it a sheen unseen else where and the comparisons are with California. Yet, most of the substructures are still stuck in the past and it takes over an hour to commute 30 Kms. It’s a vibrant city that takes everything in its stride. Shop in its malls. Enjoy movies in the multiplexes. Revel in it’s greenery that spreads all over the city. And after sundown you can have ample spirited enjoyment in its numerous bars and restaurants.

Bangalore is well connected by air, internationally as the Asian Silicon Valley, as also with all cities within the country. It is accessible by roads with national highways throughout the country. It is also a major junction for most trains.

Places to visit in Bengaluru

Vidhana Soudha

Located in Cubbon Park, it is a majestic post independence structure built with completely traditional elements of architecture. As the state’s major power centre , this spectacular granite structure( 5,00,000 sq.ft) houses the secretariat, the state legislature and several government offices.

Cubbon Park

As the green heart of the city, this beautiful 300 acre park was built by Lieutenant General Cubbon in 1864 and is home to a public library and the museum. Many Greco –imperial buildings like the Public Library and the High Court can be visited here.

Government Museum

The Government Museum has an extensive collection of artifacts on display including ancient weapons of war, carvings on stone, pottery, paintings and 5000-year-old relics of the Mohenjo-Daro civilization.

Tipu’s Summer Palace

One of Tipu’s summer retreats has an elegant two storeyed structure made of wood. It has many ornate pillars, balconies, arches and a well-maintained garden.


The Fort and Tipu Sultan’s Palace

Rebuilt by Hyder Ali in 1761, the Ganapati temple contains a well preserved statue of Lord Ganesh inside. The Tipu’s palace nearby is based on Daria Daulat Palace of Srirangapatnam.

Durgah of Hazrat Tawakkal Mastan Shah Suharawardi

Situated in the heart of Cottonpet, this Muslim saint’s shrine is favored by the famous Kangra procession, which visits the ‘Durgah’ of the sufi saint Tawakkal Mastan.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

Built in 1882 AD, it is a grand Basillica church and stands out for it’s magnificent tower and gothic arches.

Eating out

As a food paradise, the city spreads out the widest range of cuisines. Savour anything you have mind – from the traditional to the exotic. Don’t forget to relish the simple but excellent fare offered at the several “idli” shops, and the numerous bakeries. For a gorging on delectable fares, there are several restaurants serving anything from continental to Chinese cuisine.

Do’s and Don’t’s

  • Beware of pickpockets, touts.
  • Always travel in taxis and autos by the meter. Never accept lifts.
  • Don’t get friendly with locals.
  • The majority of Indians remove their footwear when entering their houses. Because of strict religious and social customs, visitors must show particular respect when visiting someone’s home.
  • Many Hindus are vegetarian.
  • Many especially women, do not drink alcohol.
  • Sikhs and Parsis do not smoke.
  • Small gifts are acceptable as tokens of gratitude for hospitality.
  • Women are expected to dress modestly.

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