Balrampur Travel Guide

Balrampur Travel Guide: Located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, Balrampur is a pilgrimage and a learning lesson. For here, you can find in abundance not only the Lord Buddha’s relics, but his living teachings. Thousands of years ago, he had preached about the middle Path that did hurt anyone, yet brought about liberation. You can see this everywhere in practice here. Quite unsurprisingly, the place is a major place to visit for any Buddhist – from anywhere in the world – but perhaps is even more valuable for the entire mankind in these troubled times.

Places to visit in Balrampur

Visit the remains of Jetavana, a once magnificent monastery. Notable for its inscriptions dating back to the 12th century, it is thought to be one of the sites favored by the Buddha. Emperor Ashoka is also said to have visited this site. A sacred pipal tree grew from a sapling of the original Maha Bodhi tree where Buddha attained nirvana. Today, Jetavana still contains two monasteries, six temples and five stupas. One of the temple was built by the monk Ananthapindika and called Gandhakuti and is the most sacred temple in Jetavana since the Buddha is believed to have lived at this spot.

Another site of great religious importance in the city is Srasvati as Mahavira the founder of Jain religion, had influenced this place.

The nearby Sahet is famous for its collection of ancient ruins.

Lying north is Mahet, and its fortified entrance is made of mud.

How to get there
Balrampur is connected by rail and road.

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