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Aurangabad Travel Guide: Located near the heritage sites of Ajanta and Ellora, Aurangabad is neither hilly nor green. What it has to offer, instead, is perhaps one of the earliest experiments of fusion of Hinduism, Islam and the Mughal culture in South India. Here, the mosques and tombs predominate and even the cuisine is Moghlai. But though the foundations seem to be overtly Islamic- established as they were by the fundamentalist Aurangzeb- the imposition could not shake its essentially Indian soul.

Places to visit in Aurangabad

Aurangabad Caves

The Aurangabad Caves were built during the 6th and 7th centuries and their walls have interesting illustrations from the Buddhist Jataka stories.


Raised in memory of Aurangzeb’s wife Rabia-ud-Daurani Begum, it resembles Taj Mahal to a certain degree. Built like the Taj at the centre of the garden, it attracts by its wonderful architecture and historical importance.


The water mill is another major attraction as it obtains water that travels through an underground channel from a source which is 6 km away in the mountains. The water is released on to the wheel creating an enthralling waterfall. Enjoy too a garden and fountains with fish-filled tanks as well as a tomb of Baba Shah Muzaffar, a Sufi Saint who was spiritual adviser to Aurangzeb.

Aurangabad Killa Arrack

The citadel built by Aurangzeb in 1692, is mostly in ruins but once it was capital of Aurangzeb where over 50 kings and princes attended court.

Jama Masjid

Built by Aurangzeb, it is a low building with minarets and a broad band carved with Koranic inscriptions throughout the length of the facade.

Kali Masjid

The Kali Masjid was built by Malik Kafur and is a six-pillared stone mosque.

Eating Out

The cuisine of Aurungabad here shows the North Indian influence as a result of the long mogul rule in the region. You can discover everything from pure Vegetarian Jain Thalis, to Gujrati Thalis, North Indian, South Indian, Continental, Chinese etc here!

Unique shopping

Pick up the delightful woven Himroo shawls, Mashru and Kimkhab weaves here. The fabulous Paithani sarees are irresistible as are the wide range of semi precious stones available in rough, polished and jewellery form. Agate is available in a variety of forms and sizes. Bidri ware, and old coins dating back to the Mughal period are also available.

How to get here:

By Road: Aurangabad is well connected to Mumbai (388 km), Nashik (221 km), Shirdi (136 km),Ajanta (110 km),Pune (299 km) and Ellora (30 km).

By Air : daily flights to Aurangabad from Mumbai and Delhi are available.

By Rail: Super fast trains connect Aurangabad with Mumbai.

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