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Kerala Backwaters Tours - Alleppey travel guide

Alleppey Travel Guide: Alleppey is the “Venice of the East”. With ‘water, water, everywhere’ and crisscrossing canals as streets, only Gondolas are missing. Immerse in this aqua town, where worries and troubles seem to instantly wash away. Experience how humans adapt to a life in water even as you partake the marvelous outpourings of nature. Spending time in a houseboat could give a fresh perspective to everything you have ever experienced!

Places to visit in Alleppey

Backwaters are defined as “a part of a river not reached by the current, where the water is stagnant”, and the best of Kerala Backwaters is here. A leisurely cruise around Backwaters in and around Alleppey, affords a scintillating view of the lapping still -waters, as well as the surrounding over abundant greens and the birds and closely knit humans living on the water side. Experience the life style of people engaged in coir-making and prawn farming at close quarters. You need houseboats, locally called kettuvallam that are available on hire for the cruise. These usually have 2 bedrooms and attached bathrooms and a routine trip includes food cooked on board in the traditional Kerala style.

The coruscating Aranmula snake-boat races are held every year on the second Saturday of August. One of the most exciting races as over a hundred oarsmen, slice through the waters like a knife, the movement of the oars becomes terrific as hundreds of oars on either sides, all blur into one huge oar!

The unique crisscrossing net of canals and lagoons of Alleppey also allure. Snaking on and out of the town, these take you everywhere at an unhurried pace as you tilt and jar from side to side.

Eating out

Most eateries here are vegetarian. Drink a lot of coconut water- besides quenching thirst and boosting energy instantly, it is also readily available. Snack on the freshly fried banana chips, from pepper flavoured to the plain salted. A word of caution: food in Kerala has a very distinct taste owing to it being cooked in coconut oil and with coconut.

Unique Shopping

The coir products and carpets are famous here. Alleppey is also famous for its pepper, coconut oil, areca nut, cardamom, sugar, etc and there are several spice markets. People usually would end up buying even if it happens to be a small souvenir!

How to Reach there

Air The nearest airport is at Cochin.

Rail Alleppey Railway Station is connected by rail with Cochin and Trivandrum.

Road Well connected by road (NH-47)

Water Connected with Cochin (5 1/2 hrs), Quilon (8 hrs) and Kottayam (2 1/2 hrs)

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