Unique experiences in Ahmedabad


Vishalla Restaurant & Vechaar Utensils Museum

Escape the humdrum of contemporary life and all its trappings with a leisurely visit to Vishalla, a magnificent restaurant experience with a village-life setting and great healthy, village food. A one-of-a-kind restaurant, Vishalla has no air-conditioning or modern amenities and truly transports you back in time to an era when water was kept filled in pots for use, there were no furnishings except the traditional charpoy and hand fans and natural breeze were the only modes of cooling.

There are no menu cards and no tables for you to first sit and ponder over the menu. Instead, you decide the menu and pay for it right at the reception. Once paid, enter the dining area, choose a stone plank and plop yourself down on the ground. A turbaned attendant assists you is washing hands from the pots, by pouring the water for you. Now, settle down for a lavish dinner while folk dancers and singers entertain you in true village style sans any technological enhancements.

Food is unlimited, so you will not wish to go and pay again. Enjoy.

Visitors to the restaurants can also enjoy a visit to the adjoining museum: Vechaar Utensils Museum. As unique as the restaurant, the Vechaar Utensils Museum is dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of ancient utensils from across India. The collection is extensive and truly remarkable. The exhibits are displayed openly, without any barriers on mud plastered walls and platforms.

A special section is devoted to nutcrackers and nut cutters, which are in all shapes and sizes. Some have musical bells that tinkle with the cracking of a nut, while others are in the shapes of birds and animals. In another section, a vast collection of ancient metal utensils is displayed. Their ages vary from a century to a thousand years old and the metal type and type of artisanship vary too.

Uttarayan – International Kite Festival

Uttarayan International Kite Festival ahmedabad - Unique experiences in Ahmedabad

Tourists visiting Ahmedabad in the month of January are in for a rare treat if they plan their holiday to coincide with Uttarayan, the International Kite Festival. An annual event, the Uttarayan International Kite Festival brings together Kite flyers from across the world, including countries such as UK, Italy, Japan, Canada and USA. Approximately 8 million people from across the world enjoy the two-day festivities (14th & 15th January).

Kite flyers begin preparations for the event long before the event days, with the whole state, and especially Ahmedabad coming alive with kite shops in every nook and corner. Ahmedabad has its very own Kite market, Patang Bazaar, a wholesale market for kites that is open round the clock for kite flying enthusiasts. A walk through this bazaar is enough to awaken the kite flyer in you.

On the day of the event, visitors can head to the Sardar Patel Stadium or the Ahmedabad Police Stadium for the most exciting experiences as spectators or join in the action and fly a kite themselves. Kite flying begins at 5 AM and continues until late at night. The whole event ends with a spectacular display of lanterns and illuminated kites that light up the night skies. A must-see!

Law Garden Night Market

law garden market in ahmedabad in gujarat - Unique experiences in Ahmedabad

A visit to the Law Garden Night Market is one of the best ways to experience the scintillating charm of Ahmedabad, its textile industry and cultural heritage. Located right outside the Law Garden, the Law Garden Night Market comes alive post-dusk with a large number of stalls selling traditional dresses, suits, embroidered clothes, jackets and all traditional accessories.

Visitors are requested to check the quality of the products before making a purchase. Even if you do not wish to purchase, a visit to the Law Garden Night Market offers a wonderful glimpse into the colourful textile industry and the wonderful cultural heritage of Ahmedabad.

Munch on street food for late night snacks before returning from the night market.

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