Eating out in Ahmedabad

Dhokla in Gujarat - Eating out in Ahmedabad

What is a holiday without feasting on local delicacies and snacks, especially when the food is as delicious and varied as in Ahmedabad? Gujaratis, in general, harbour a great love for food and an even greater love for sharing it with everyone around.

So, just hop on to the foodie wagon, even if you are not one, and we promise, you will neither regret nor forget the whole experience. Indulge your palate with a Gujarati Thali, which though vegetarian, offers a whole array of experiences to your senses. Snack on theplas, khakras, dhoklas, jalebis, daalpakodas, mini-samosas, bhel and much more. Do not miss on the kulfis, which beat the most sophisticated ice creams from around the world, hands down.

If you are just dying for a bite of non-vegetarian food, then you will have to head down to the select restaurants serving non-veg food in this otherwise vegetarian state. Vastrapur, Bhadra, Navrangpura, Mirzapur, Juhapur and Bhatiyar Gali are some of the some places where you can find non-vegetarian food in Ahmedabad.

In addition to roadside stalls and small eateries, you can find established food chains such as Barbecue Nation and Subway as well as high-end, fine dining restaurants that are part of large hotel groups. Specialty food restaurants catering to cuisines from South India, China and Italy can also be found.

Guests seeking a nice cold beer or a glass of wine will have to venture far in search of a drink. Most Gujarati restaurants do not serve liquor as Gujarat is a dry state and drinking is prohibited. Only few nightclubs and/or fine dining establishments serve alcohol. Foreign Nationals can buy limited alcohol from select licensed outlets on presentation of their passports and visas. However, they can consume it only in the privacy of their hotel rooms.

Some Tips for eating out in Ahmedabad

  1. Choose a restaurant, where you can see people already eating and check for cleanliness.
  2. Always order bottled mineral water and check the seal. If the seal is open or it has been tampered, request a replacement.
  3. Request a bill
  4. Never let your credit / debit card out of sight for longer than it takes to make a payment. Small outlets might not have a swiping machine, so check in advance or pay by cash.
  5. Most outlets accepting card payments, will have updated swiping machines requesting PIN entry.
  6. While large restaurants will have card payment facilities, small outlets and street food stalls might accept only cash – more specifically notes of smaller denominations only. So carry change.

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