Things to do in Agra


Shopping in Agra

Agra has long been renowned as the land of marble artefacts, textiles and leather. Even today, centuries after the era of kings and emperors, artisans continue to recreate marvels of marbles with inlaid gems, Mughal miniature paintings and more.

While there are many shops that lure visitors to buy their products, it is always advisable to visit reputed outlets and more importantly state-run or govt. approved outlets to ensure originality of products and correct pricing. It is best not to ask a driver for tips, as they would be inclined to take you to their ‘Uncle’s’ shop for their commissions. A Hotel concierge would be better able to guide you. You can also check out local tastes by enquiring with waiters and your hotel staff.

Some popular shops include Mughal Carpet for carpets and rugs; Subhash Bazaar for silks; and Subhash Emporium for marble artefacts.

Balloon Rides:

Experience a view of the Taj Mahal in a different way – from the heights of 500ft above ground. Courtesy an initiative by the Central Government of India, visitors to the Taj can now see the Taj Mahal from a hot air balloon, tethered to the ground some 2 km from the Taj Mahal. An aerial view of the Taj Mahal is granted. Night viewings are also available.

ITC Spa:

Step into a luxuriously royal lifestyle right from the times of the Mughal Empire with a visit to the Kaya Kalp ITC spa in Agra, the largest spa in India. A magnificent oasis of water and gardens, this 99,000 square feet spa recreates the luxurious beauty practices of the Mughal Empresses in style and offers a rejuvenating experience not found anywhere in the world.

Kalakriti Cultural & Convention Centre

Kalakriti Cultural & Convention Centre Agra houses a large handicraft emporium in Agra, a convention centre and a theatre where theatrical productions of the love story behind the Taj Mahal are held regularly. Visitors to the convention centre and theatre have access to online booking of seats and interpretation audios in 13 different languages. Advance booking for shows is recommended.

Walking Tours

Step away from the touristy circle and experience Agra and its local lifestyle with a well-organized walking tour. Walking tours with an experienced local guide enable you to get to the depth of a destination, and in Agra, it enables you to get to the depth of the historical city, its architectural landmarks and the lifestyle of the locals in the surrounding areas. Ride a cycle rickshaw, explore the by lanes, visit the local markets for a local shopping flavour with the locals and get to taste the best street food of Agra with a guide who knows the locals and the most hygienic street food joints of Agra.

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