Eating out in Agra

Dining in Agra - Eating out in Agra

As the erstwhile capital of the Mughal Dynasty, Agra is the land where one should enjoy Mughlai delights. In addition to non-veg kebabs and biryanis, foodies visiting Agra can enjoy the delicious pethas (a local speciality) and Dalmoth. Chinese, Continental and Indian food are available in Agra.

Restaurants offering rooftop dining with view of the Taj Mahal are popular experiences in Agra.

Some Tips for eating out in Agra:
  1. Choose a restaurant, where you can see people already eating and check for cleanliness.
  2. Always order bottled mineral water and check the seal. If the seal is open or it has been tampered, request a replacement.
  3. Request a bill
  4. Never let your credit / debit card out of sight for longer than it takes to make a payment. Small outlets might not have a swiping machine, so check in advance or pay by cash.
  5. Most outlets accepting card payments, will have updated swiping machines requesting PIN entry.

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