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Agra Travel Guide: Home to the magnificent monument of Love, Agra has an irresistible appeal for travellers from across the globe. While Agra is a city that is renowned across the globe for the Taj Mahal alone, seasoned travellers unravel in it a whole array of experiences, ranging from moonlight visits to the Taj and the magnificently tranquil settings of Fatehpur Sikri to the lure of shopping for marble, gems-inlaid artefacts and leather products.

In this land, the Great Mughal Dynasty conceived monuments in grand scale and translated them into monumental masterpieces that continue to mesmerize. Explore them at leisure. Stroll through gardens that Babur himself laid out as an ode to Persian repose… revel in the mastery of Akbar’s masterpiece – the Agra Fort -where he began the grand fusion of Indian and Islamic architecture… and discover Jahangir’s passion in his Red Rose palaces where you will also encounter Shah Jahan’s first experiments with pavilions of dazzling craftsmanship.

Yet all these are just the appetizers. Agra will always be renowned as the city of the Taj Mahal. Encounter the Taj and you will be truly mesmerized. A poetry in marble, it has enthralled millions everyday –since four centuries! Be thunderstruck by an emperor’s romance with wife’s memories that glitters in every stone.

Besides, you can shop-till-you-drop for the exquisite handicrafts, marble work and miniature Taj Mahals in all sizes. Spectacular carpets, sizzling precious and semi –precious jewellery, leather items are definite attractions – but you would do well to buy only from authorized shops.

Places to Visit in Agra

Taj Mahal Taj Mahal, as a major tourist attraction of Agra, needs little introduction. Much before becoming star jewel on India's crown of attractions, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and a UNESCO-protected architectural landmark, the...

Things to do in Agra

Shopping: Agra has long been renowned as the land of marble artefacts, textiles and leather. Even today, centuries after the era of kings and emperors, artisans continue to recreate marvels of marbles with inlaid gems, Mughal miniature paintings...

Unique experiences in Agra

  Moonlight Visits to Taj Mahal A visit to the Taj Mahal by moonlight is the stuff of dreams and a romantic escapade for those in love. Resplendent in the soft glow of the moonlight, the Taj Mahal stands proud glowing against a darkening sky...

Accommodations in Agra

Accommodations in Agra range from budget hotels and boutique properties to five-star hotels with Taj-view suites and Home stays that enable you to experience the city of Agra in its true form with a stay with a local family. Accommodations can be chosen...

Travelling to Agra

Travelling to Agra enjoys excellent connectivity from New Delhi, the capital of India and other neighbouring states. While there are a number of trains to Agra, most visitors prefer taking the bus to Agra or driving down in a private vehicle. Buses...

Eating out in Agra

As the erstwhile capital of the Mughal Dynasty, Agra is the land where one should enjoy Mughlai delights. In addition to non-veg kebabs and biryanis , foodies visiting Agra can enjoy the delicious pethas (a local speciality) and Dalmoth . Chinese, Continental...

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