Yoga by the Ganges Tour

  • Ganges with Yoga Meditation Tours
  • River Rafting in Ganges, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
  • Shiva Statue in Ganges River, Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Destinations Covered:

Delhi – Haridwar – Rishikesh



Assistance on arrival and transfer to your hotel for the overnight.


After breakfast, proceed for a sightseeing tour of Delhi. Visit India Gate, Qutub Minar, Humayun's Tomb, a Hindu / Sikh Temple.

Evening at leisure and overnight at your hotel.
DAY 03: DELHI - HARIDWAR (Train: Dep.0700 / Arr.1125) - RISHIKESH (Drive 1 ½ Hours)

Early morning, check out & proceed to the Railway Station to connect the Air Conditioned Express train to Haridwar. On arrival in Haridwar, transfer to The Glasshouse on the Ganges, which is an enchanting resort hotel located in a forested gorge and on the banks of the Himalayan River Ganges. The extremely calm, environmentally clean and serene settings of this region, where Yogis have come to attain higher mental peace and spiritual enlightenment are a pre-requisite for being mentally and physically focused towards attaining a gainful state of physical, mental and spiritual health.

Today you'll be introduced to your master and will be given a presentation of the content of the Holistic Health Tour and a brief history of yoga. Thereafter, the master will exhibit various asanas (postures) and kriyas (techniques) both simple & advanced, so that you can see and understand what yoga is. It is not mere exercises but an entire philosophy & methodology, which if one practices in ones daily life, can lead one to complete physical, mental & spiritual health & peace.

Overnight at your hotel.
DAY 04: IN RISHIKESH ( The Glasshouse )

Wake up early in the morning. Under the direction and able guidance of the master, you will perform cleansing kriyas to clean the breathing tracts right from the cranial region to the upper respiratory tracts. Thereafter, the master will teach you some asanas (postures) to open up the joints and to increase the flexibility of your muscles, limbs and the spinal column. All these asanas (postures) work like chiropractic remedies, which (modern chiropractic techniques) incidentally are based on the ancient Indian science of Meru Chikitsa (medical science for treating the spine). Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) Asanas will also be included in the regimen, which are known to purify blood.

Later in the day and after a sufficient post meal gap, an ayurvedic massage will be provided. In early evening, after another session of yoga, yogic sleep will be taught, which totally relaxes the entire system and treats stress and insomnia. Evening free and overnight at your hotel.

DAY 05: IN RISHIKESH ( The Glasshouse )

The same procedure as the day before will be followed. The addition today will be an introduction to yogic meditation for a short while. Also, after lunch, you will be taken to a cave, where thousands of years ago a great Indian Sage had meditated for a very long period of time. Till date, people who visit and meditate in this most enchanting cave located near a hermitage, experience immense and deep inner silence. Enjoy the quite and spiritual atmosphere of this place. Return to your hotel for the massage and the evening routine of yoga and yogic sleep (yoga nidra). Evening free to enjoy and relax by a bon fire near the fast flowing River Ganges.

Overnight at your hotel.
Day 10: At Periyar

AT PERIYAR The Rejuvenation Therapy is over, but it is best to relax and allow your body to re-adjust after one week of massage After breakfast if you feel upto it take a walking tour of Spice Village accompanied by Hotel Staff - Introduction to Spices. You can actually see spices in its natural habitat. Mid-afternoon hands on lessons on cooking with spices. Learn a few simple and easy to make Keralan dishes. Lunch, Dinner & Overnight in resort.

DAY 06: IN RISHIKESH ( The Glasshouse )

Following the basic routine of the preceding days, an additional yogic kriya (technique) of Pranayam (yogic breathing) will be added to the routine. Yogic science cognizes and understand various deeper levels of breathing, which remain beyond the understanding of modern day medical science. The same will be explained to you in a scientific manner and then will be taught to you. The speed of the mind is directly related to the rate of breathing. When one gets angry, the breath rate becomes faster and the breaths become short. Therefore, when the breaths are regulated & made long & deep, the correct oxygenation of the brain & the body takes place and slowly the rate of breathing also becomes slower. This automatically reduces the speed of mind, which is a pre-requisite for de-stressing and deep meditation.

There are various types of Pranayams, some of which will be taught to you. Proper, sequential practice of Pranayam has very good effects on internal secreting glands, which aid digestion and so many other functions related to the healthy functioning of the endocrine system. Massage, evening routine of yoga and yogic sleep (yoga nidra) will be undertaken as usual.

Evening free and overnight at your hotel.
DAY 07: IN RISHIKESH ( The Glasshouse )

Today, the same routine as the day before will be followed. Before lunch, we will go for a short hike to the same cave as visited before for another session of meditation. A picnic lunch by the Ganges can be arranged nearby the cave. The rest of the routine remains the same.

DAY 08. IN RISHIKESH ( The Glasshouse )

Same routine as that on the previous day and today you will be taken for a white water rafting trip on the fast flowing Ganges. You can have a picnic lunch on a white sand beach of the Ganges or come back to your hotel for lunch. Massage, yoga and yoga nidra and meditation routines will be followed. Evening will be free to discuss your experiences of the past few days.

Overnight at your hotel.
DAY 09: IN RISHIKESH ( The Glasshouse )

By today, you will have attained a suitable degree of flexibility to undertake the ultimate yogic cleansing process of Shankh-Prakshalan. In this process water is to be drunk followed by some light exercises (asanas). One has to continue drinking water and performing the asanas till such time that all the water taken in starts getting excreted while cleansing the entire gastro - intestinal tract, i.e. from the mouth downwards through the stomach, the intestines and the colon. One has to go repeatedly to the toilet to excrete the water, till such time that clean water is passed out. From ones birth till ones death, the Gastro Intestinal Tract is never clean and this gives rise to a lot of health problems. Therefore, this process is highly cleansing and health correctional in nature.

Today special and light food will be provided to you, so as not to put too much load on the cleansed system. Today, the whole day will be devoid of any stressful physical activity and for complete rest. Day at leisure and overnight at your hotel.

DAY 10: IN RISHIKESH ( The Glasshouse )

The regular routine of the yogic practices will be followed today, along with a session of discussion of the past few days of yogic practices and experiences of yours. Taking notes from the master, who will discuss various health conditions which you might want to find a remedy to will be encouraged today.

A nice evening by the bon fire will be great way to end the great experiences that you've had and also to give a note of thanks to the master. Overnight at your hotel.

DAY 11: RISHIKESH - HARIDWAR ( Drive 1 ½ Hours ) - DELHI ( Train: Dep.1810/Arr.2240 )

After a regular session of Yoga in the morning, Check out and drive through the town of Rishikesh and visit a few ashrams. Thereafter, proceed to Haridwar Railway Station. En route visit another amazing ashram, with beautiful temples. Reach Haridwar Railway Station in time to connect the Air Conditioned Express Train to Delhi.

On arrival in Delhi, transfer to your hotel for the overnight.

Departure transfer to the International Airport for onward

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